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  • Recovery Housing Grants Awarded
  • Two local entities, working in partnership with the Erie-Ottawa MHRB, were awarded grants by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services (OhioMHAS) for the development of recovery housing. In Erie County, Volunteers of America received a total of $165,000 in capital funds and operational support to transition an existing property in Sandusky into a Level II facility providing housing for four adult males. In Ottawa County, The Lighthouse Sober Living was awarded $107,604 for the purpose and renovation of a facility that will also initially house four adult males. Recovery housing is housing for individuals recovering from drug addiction that provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with obtaining drug addiction services, and other drug addiction recovery assistance.The Board has committed match funds to each of these projects.

  • 2015 May is Mental Health Month Materials

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. For more than 65 years, Mental Health America and its affiliates across the country have led the annual observance by reaching millions of Americans
    through the media, local events and screenings. This year's theme — B4Stage4 — focuses on how individuals can address their mental health early, rather than at "Stage 4" when symptoms
    are more severe, and recovery is a longer process. Download a free toolkit HERE. Check out MHA's Mental Health Month infographic. The National Aliiance on Mental Illness also offers a variety of resources on its website.


    big brothers, big sisters OF eRIE-SENECA-SANDUSKY cOUNTIES OPPORTUNITY CALL 419-626-8694

    The Ohio Department of Education is offering a grant opportunity for communities to apply for funding with the goal of connecting our local businesses, service and faith-based organizations, and other community members to our students through mentoring opportunities. "The goal of is to help students get excited about their future - to be encouraged to dream big - and learn what it takes to put their dreams and goals into action."
    Big Brothers Big Sisters in partnership with the Erie County Family and Children First Council is asking you to consider being a "Partner in Good Faith" with us in order to provide the youth of our community the opportunity to "dream big". A Partner in Good Faith means that you will agree to assist with promoting this mentoring opportunity among the members/employees of your organization, provide the opportunity for your members/employees (if applicable) to meet with their mentee if during work schedule, and provide matching dollars through monetary donation or in-kind.
    The grant requires "matching dollars", which has been established as the following over the course of three years:
    Year 1 - for every $1 we raise, they match it with $3
    Year 2 - for every $1 we raise, they match it with $2
    Year 3 - for every $1 we raise, they match it with $1
    With the goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters financial sustaining the mentoring after year three.
    The goal of the grant is to create mentoring relationships that will build character in mentees between the grades of 5th thru 12th. As stated in the grant... "Character is a set of abilities, skills or strengths that can be taught, practiced and learned. Once learned and ingrained, they become traits, or behaviors that a person engages in automatically. Some examples of these character traits are self-control, willpower, motivation, conscientiousness, self-discipline, grit, perseverance, determination and optimism." Big Brothers Big Sisters will allow mentors/mentees to build friendships based on common beliefs, interests, etc., and provide information and activities to mentors that will focus on character building.
    Do you care about the kids in our community? Want to contribute to them becoming a healthy, caring, and productive members of our community? Then, please commit to being a Partner in Good Faith with the Community Connectors Grant and we can customize your committo fit your organization and how can you can contribute. Call for more information.

    recovery is beautiful

    Members of the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA) have created a BluePrint that is a five-year plan for moving Ohio toward a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) that transitions from a focus on acute care to one that focuses on recovery management to help individuals not only get well, but to stay well. As envisioned in the framework, ADAMH/MHR Boards are the “hub” for their local communities that coordinate across systems to ensure that local entities are prepared to support individuals, families, and communities through a system of addiction and mental health prevention, wellness, crisis intervention, treatment, and recovery support programs and services.
    The following five principles will be at the forefront in moving a Recovery-Oriented System of Care forward:

    Focusing on Clients and Families-healthcare is personal and most effective when delivered based on the needs and values of the individual receiving care
    Ensuring Timely Access to Care-access to a continuum of high quality, integrated care that is available in a timely manner
    Promoting Healthy, Safe and Drug-Free Communities-availability of a continuum of services that promote the health, wellness, and safety of individuals and communities
    Prioritizing Accountable and Outcome-Driven Financing-maximizing the use of federal, state and local funds to meet locally-identified outcomes to align resources and improve coordination between local community stakeholders
    Locally Managing Systems of Care-healthcare is delivered locally, and individuals and communities are best served when the healthcare system is designed and managed locally.

    To learn more about Recovery is Beautiful, click here and/or visit www.recoveryisbeautiful.org










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