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  • Recovery Housing Grants Awarded
  • Two local entities, working in partnership with the Erie-Ottawa MHRB, were awarded grants by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addictions Services (OhioMHAS) for the development of recovery housing. In Erie County, Volunteers of America received a total of $165,000 in capital funds and operational support to transition an existing property in Sandusky into a Level II facility providing housing for four adult males. In Ottawa County, The Lighthouse Sober Living was awarded $107,604 for the purpose and renovation of a facility that will also initially house four adult males. Recovery housing is housing for individuals recovering from drug addiction that provides an alcohol and drug-free living environment, peer support, assistance with obtaining drug addiction services, and other drug addiction recovery assistance.The Board has committed match funds to each of these projects.

  • Erie-Ottawa MHRB bestows awards for excellence

    Celebrating Accomplishments and Honoring Achievements--The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties hosted its 20th annual awards for excellence banquet the evening of October 30, 2014 at the Sandusky State Theatre. Speakers included:  Pam Brumbaugh, Executive Director of United Way Erie County; Jim Sass, Ottawa County Commissioner; Patrick Shenigo, Erie County Commissioner; Dr. Kirk Halliday, Director of the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Erie and Ottawa Counties; with John Begala, Executive Director of the Center for Community Solutions as the featured speaker.

    Awards for Excellence were presented to Eve London,  receiving the Agency Employee AwardMental Health America Erie County for Outstanding Group Award; TNT (Till Next Time) Port Clinton Mentoring Project received the Outstanding Youth Program; S.A.R.C.C. help Center  receiving the Outstanding New Program award and Lake Erie Adventure Play (LEAP)  receiving the Executive Director’s Award.
    The House of New Hope received the prestigious Guin Roller Memorial Award for Excellence, named as a tribute to her passion for bringing people together, mentoring our youth, continued community involvement and commitment to helping anyone in need. These individuals, agencies and groups have demonstrated dedication and commitment in support of the Board’s mission and have made a significant contribution to mental health and prevention related fields.  


    u.s. to allow pharmacies to take back unused prescription drugs

    Federal authorities will soon allow pharmacies and clinics to take back customers' unused prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers in an effort to get addictive medications off the street.

    The change, to be issued in new Drug Enforcement Administration regulations effective next month, will address a long-standing complaint from people fighting opioid addiction that government rules make it difficult to safely dispose of unused pills. Under current rules for controlled substances, even a pharmacy that fills a painkiller prescription can't take back unused pills. Instead, consumers can flush unused drugs or throw them out in the trash, though both those options are discouraged because of environmental worries. They can also hand in unused pills to law-enforcement agencies that participate in special drug-take-back programs. While pharmacies haven't generally wanted the hassle of being responsible for old pills, some are expected to heed the government's call, in part to show they are making a good-faith effort to keep drugs out of the wrong hands. The new rule, which covers all prescription drugs, will also allow people to mail unused pills for collection. It wasn't immediately clear how many businesses would offer the service to its customers. Any pills collected will be destroyed.


    recovery is beautiful

    Members of the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities (OACBHA) have created a BluePrint that is a five-year plan for moving Ohio toward a Recovery-Oriented System of Care (ROSC) that transitions from a focus on acute care to one that focuses on recovery management to help individuals not only get well, but to stay well. As envisioned in the framework, ADAMH/MHR Boards are the “hub” for their local communities that coordinate across systems to ensure that local entities are prepared to support individuals, families, and communities through a system of addiction and mental health prevention, wellness, crisis intervention, treatment, and recovery support programs and services.
    The following five principles will be at the forefront in moving a Recovery-Oriented System of Care forward:

    Focusing on Clients and Families-healthcare is personal and most effective when delivered based on the needs and values of the individual receiving care
    Ensuring Timely Access to Care-access to a continuum of high quality, integrated care that is available in a timely manner
    Promoting Healthy, Safe and Drug-Free Communities-availability of a continuum of services that promote the health, wellness, and safety of individuals and communities
    Prioritizing Accountable and Outcome-Driven Financing-maximizing the use of federal, state and local funds to meet locally-identified outcomes to align resources and improve coordination between local community stakeholders
    Locally Managing Systems of Care-healthcare is delivered locally, and individuals and communities are best served when the healthcare system is designed and managed locally.

    To learn more about Recovery is Beautiful, click here and/or visit www.recoveryisbeautiful.org










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