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Symphony is defined as an "interweaving of themes; anything characterized by a harmonious combination of elements." When thinking of the term symphony, two other words come to mind—orchestrate (to arrange or combine so as to achieve a desired maximum effect) and harmonious (having the parts agreeably related; marked by accord in sentiment or action).

How does this metaphor reflect the Board's efforts to provide a comprehensive system of mental health and alcohol/drug addiction treatment, intervention, prevention and Recovery support services?

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The Mental Health & Recovery Board (MHRB) of Erie and Ottawa Counties is the local government authority responsible for planning, developing, funding, managing, and evaluating community-based mental health and alcohol/drug addiction services. As such, and consistent with the Board's mission (as an oversight agency and a guardian of local, state, and federal laws and local values) to reduce the incidence and severity of alcohol, drug addiction mental health problems experienced by persons of all ages, the Board must do the following:

  • Assess community needs and establish priorities for the system of care
  • Ensure involvement and input by clients and consumers (persons who use the services
  • Contract with agencies, care providers and facilities for an array of services and programs consistent with local needs, priorities, and funding capacity
  • Conduct fiscal stewardship activities efficiently and effectively
  • Monitor and evaluate the services provided for both immediate and long-term effectiveness

In other words, the Board works with others in the community—consumers and family members, churches, neighborhoods, provider agencies, local officials, courts, law enforcement, school—much like an orchestra, with various types of services and many different people working together toward one harmonious goal—

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