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Keeping Youth Drug Free

If you could do one thing that would help your child succeed in school, live a healthier life, and develop to his or her* fullest potential, would you do it? 

If you answered “yes,” then talk with your child about alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. Find out what he knows.  Explain to him that using these substances can interfere with studying and can cause grades to suffer by affecting memory and learning skills.  Describe the harmful health effects of substances.  Let him know how these substances can cause problems in relationships and among friends and can tear families apart.  Study after study has found that parents make a difference in the choices their children make. 

By the time they enter preschool, most children have seen adults smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol either in real life or in the media, or both.  Children today are exposed to illegal drugs as early as elementary school, so it’s never too early to talk with your child about drugs.

This guide will help you do just that.  It is designed for parents and caregivers of children ages 7 to 13.  It focuses on six key things you can do to help your child grow up drug free:

1. Establish and maintain good communication with your child.

2. Get involved in your child’s life.

3. Make clear rules and enforce them with consistency and appropriate consequences.

4. Be a positive role model.

5. Teach your child to choose friends wisely.

6. Monitor your child’s activities.

Click here to obtain the guide “Keeping Youth Drug Free”.